Employers Associations

lddk Employers Confederation of Latvia LDDK:

The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) was established in September of 1993 by a merger between the Latvian Employers’ Central Association and Latvian Private Entrepreneurs’ (Employers) Union. Its aim is to represent Latvian employers at national and international level, as well as during negotiations with trade unions.
The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia is the only organization representing employers in socioeconomic negotiations with parliament, government and Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia. LDDK unites 68 branch and regional employers’ organisations and 94 enterprises that employ over 50 people. Members of the LDDK employ more than 35% of employees in Latvia and creating 70% of country’s GDP.


masoc Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia:


Trade Unions

lbas Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia LBAS:

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) was established in May of 1990. LBAS is the biggest trade union confederation in Latvia, and the only trade union confederation, which is officially recognized by Latvian government and Employers’ Confederation of Latvia in the framework of national social dialogue. LBAS and its affiliated organizations represent more than 100.000 workers (~11% of all workers in Latvia). LBAS unites 20 independent sectoral trade unions from all sectors in Latvia.

The main objectives of LBAS are the following:

  • to protect the interests of trade union members,
  • to protect workers’ interests and their rights in the social and economic field,
  • to participate in the elaboration of economic and social development programmes, in the evaluation of draft laws, in working groups on improvement of labour conditions, salaries, tax policies, compulsory social insurance and social guaranties, healthcare, employment, vocational education and lifelong learning.