Lifelong Learning and Age Management workshops

This April, the Baltic Sea Labour Forum for Sustainable Working Life project organised its 3rd round of digital workshops, providing the opportunity for professionals from multiple sectors in the BSR to gather around themes connected to sustainable and prolonged working life, with a focus on workers aged 55+. This was an opportunity for participants to learn from experts, share experiences and gain understanding of different national contexts. The focus was also on creative brainstorming, looking at solutions and ways forward. These workshops provide grounds for the project to develop policy briefs and policy recommendations to be delivered to decision-makers at the end of the project. This time the themes of our two workshops linked to the project’s two thematic working groups were:

  1. Lifelong Learning with a focus on people aged 55+’ (13-14 April 2021). The workshop was preceded by a keynote speech by Tarja Tikkanen, Prof. of Education at Stavanger University, on the topic of adult education and Lifelong Learning for older people. The workshop gathered 22 participants from all over the BSR, including experts in adult education and pedagogics, trade unions, employers’ organisations and academia.
  2. ‘Age management’. (26-27 April 2021). The workshop was preceded by a keynote speech by Karen Pak, from Radboud university, on the topic of age management as an HR practice and as an integral part of sustainable working life. The workshop gathered 14 participants, comprising social partners, HR professionals and academia.